Clobas: Digitally Transforming The Education Ecosystem

CIO Vendor Though India is at the cusp of digital transformation, Product development has not really caught the wind in India. Mr. MS Manian thought so too. He says, “The Top Indian IT majors should come out with world class products that are highly user friendly with the users’ community across the world. However, only a few new players from India focus on product development”. Nevertheless, living by Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings- “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”- he ventured into building a world class make in India product. The domain he chose? Education.

Education has always been close to his heart, simply because, it an unending process of learning. Manian felt the need for an End-to-End Integrated Digital Platform and its Accessibility in the education system. He sought to build an innovative system that could connect all stakeholders including management personnel, teachers, students and parents from anywhere and anytime. It should also enable them to plan & practice, and to connect & collaborate seamlessly for their day-to-day operational needs. Thus, Clobas was born as a result. Clobas is built to not only enable the administrators of schools/colleges, but also thousands of teachers & students to become more systematic, and process oriented at ease. Clobas is well positioned to empower schools, colleges and universities in India to enable their digital transformation journey; to provide a truly world class experience.

Clobas is a one stop digital solution that integrates about 114 + modules or features starting from admission to alumni. The platform has 5 verticals such as CLOBAS Pre-School, CLOBAS Main School, CLOBAS College, CLOBAS University and CLOBAS e-Governance. All under one roof, this platform can soar well for any group of educational institutions. It covers administrative modules, academic modules, communication modules, Learning Management System and Productivity modules.
Meanwhile, Clobas’ R&D Team is continuously enhancing and introducing innovative modules every quarter that keeps Clobas ahead of the competitive curve. “Not only our product development and market leading innovations are driven by agile process, we follow rapid deployment methodology helping us to implement the solution to go live in just 4 weeks for an institution of 20,000 student size and in flat 6 weeks for up-to 50,000 sized educational institution”, emphasizes Manian.

Along the process, the team is addressing a plethora of pain points. At Clobas – everything starts from the end user. Through extensive research and experiences with its existing clients, Clobas has identified various persona specific pain-points of all stake holders in a typical education institution. To name a few, using disintegrated modules from different vendors over a period of time, too much of paper usage, limited team with inadequate IT competency, lack of two-way communication platform among stakeholders, pent up demand from students and parents for timely updates, no single tool for tracking and monitoring the overall operations and the list will goes on.

Clobas is built to not only enable the administrators of schools/colleges, but also thousands of teachers & students to become more systematic, and process oriented at ease

Therefore, every deployment has turned out to be a success story for Clobas. Clobas helps the Institution’s management to track and monitor the entire spectrum of campus activities right from the Admission Process to complying with CBSE & NAC regulations. On the Student’s front, this platform allows the student to stay updated with the course curricular throughout.

Adhering to the future of new age technologies, Clobas team is working on several features in the pipeline. One of which is an AI module to provide a holistic view of a student with skill management and academic performance. “We are well poised and ready to take the lead to support the very foundation of India and the world at large – ‘the education sector’, with a ground breaking product, delivering truly a new age experience for the entire educational eco system”, concludes the CEO.