ZipSchools: Disrupting Education Technology

Punnam Chander
One of the newest education technology (EdTech) startups in India is ZipSchools. This startup is a disruptive force with easy-to-use, low-cost Educational ERP solutions bundled with worldclass customer service for India’s booming K12 industry.

Technology’s transformative nature alters the status quo of any space it enters. A little glimpse into the dynamic digital world shows how technology has accelerated education. Along with extending focus on the user experience and customer service, Hyderabad headquartered one-stop education technology solution provider, ZipSchools, aims to provide a disruptive platform for School Administrators, Teachers, Parents and Students.

Pioneering the proliferation of EdTech platform in the Indian landscape, ZipSchools is enabling quality education with its solutions and services to all the education stakeholders from Administrators to Students. The company delivers the best of products and services in the education industry that are built on the solid cultural foundation of fostering happy employees. These happy employees, in turn, create a nurturing and thriving environment that helps create great products and deliver exceptional customer service.

Mechanisms Filling Education Gaps
ZipSchools recreates and harbors an environment where in education institutes and administrations keenly focus on proper connections between the school systems. The company’s services and products reach out to schools, colleges, and other educational institutions for their maximum resource optimization(ERP). These are designed to involve each aspect of students’ lifecycle, from student enrollment to managing the financial and asset management. ZipSchools is a technological platform that is easy-to-use, hosted on Azure, fully
secure, with comprehensive reporting - all of this on one single infrastructure to efficiently manage school administration. All these features are highlighted in an Intuitive Dashboard which further simplifies and customizes the administrations’ needs.

"ZipSchools recreates and harbors an environment where in education institutes and administrations keenly focus on proper connections between the school systems"

The lack of an appropriate mechanism to address a seemingly visible education gap gets more intense when no single service or solution undertakes every pain point beneath it. Running numerous solutions for reducing school-parent-teacher gap gets technically and financially cumbersome unless a single platform, like ZipSchools' service engagement, connects all these. ZipSchools’ engagement system allows students, teachers and parents to get informed and connected with real-time data and analytics. Zip-Schools’ Data Analytics capabilities are emboldened due to its solutions that are fully hosted on MS Azure; a secure, scalable and a comprehensive set of tools.

The security gets further heightened with encrypted data and secured financial transactions. ZipSchools fills the security gap in the system by connecting secured data received from parents and schools in keeping each other informed of the activities of students. The parents can easily open an app and inform school of the absence, if the ward is unlikely to attend school. Similarly, parents get informed once the school gets over and the students are on the move. This kind of engagement helps clear the clutter that arises due to constant monitoring and communication with parents and students. The app handles all the routes and channels of communication to manage these aspects.

Adding Value to Education Software Platform
Taking its services and products to helm, the niche services and solutions of ZipSchools, engage the market by carefully choosing and retaining its larger goal at the core. The company is in line to incubate efficiency with its entire software that went up and running within 2 days while the company trained the staffs and teachers too in schools like, Gyandeep. ZipSchools’ products bring in a transformation, instilling knowledge and growth, while outwearing traditional educational systems with unconstrained Edutech services and technologies.