Choice Solutions: Comprehensive Solution for a 360 Degree Student Empowerment

P S Rama Krishna, Executive& Director

Information technology has morphed every sector it has touched and is currently in the promising phases of altering academia. Currently students live in a world that is constantly linked and alive outside the class room, so traditional methods won't work now. The market is flooded with surplus of unorganized sector solutions that do not form the rock solid foundation for consistency and truly digital experience. 'edTheSIS' by Choice Solutions is the next generation one stop solution to cater to the ever growing demands of the complex education systems. edTheSIS being a cloud based solution has an ubiquitous access covering a plethora of education workflows, meeting every stakeholder’s needs and demands. Apart from taking care of the school administration modules, edTheSIS focuses profoundly on Student Performance, Classroom Management, Content Management, Assignments, Assessments & Test Management, and Predictive Analysis to mitigate the risks effectively.

edTheSIS for Every Roadblock in Education
Playing the role of a 'partner' and not just a solution vendor, Choice Solutions’ edTheSIS takes into consideration, the nuances of emerging challenges weeding through education and acts as an elixir to solve a comprehensive set of critical pain points of students, parents, teachers, administrators and management. This is carried out by staying adept to the trends riding the education sector. “Our intention
is to partner with the institutions to make sure that the education is disseminated to the student community in the right way and at the same time, help the teachers to instruct the students along with the course curriculum in a structured fashion”, explains PS Ramakrishna, Executive Director at Choice Solutions.

With over 20 plus years of experience serving 18 State Departments of Education in the United States, Choice Solutions has learnt to strike the resistance with benefits. These benefits can be derived out of edTheSIS cloud offerings with an assurance of data security, solution scalability, and high availability at low cost with zero capex.

To mention a few features of edTheSIS, secured role based dynamic dashboards showcases pertinent information through dashlets in a single snapshot. The pictographic information with drill down facility is self- reliant in facilitating the viewers to analyse the data very swiftly for better decision making. The product also facilitates to clock the attendance using advanced tools like Smart Cards or RFID, Biometrics, and Facial or Iris Recognition systems. edTheSIS’ instant notification system alarms parents and school management to track & take necessary actions to manage & control the attendance and participation of students & staff, more efficiently than traditional ways. The product with similar other features has been giving a stellar performance in the education sector, collecting only par excellence from overwhelmed principals, teachers and administrators. The company believes that a true success story is written by awe inspiring implementations where the stakeholders are met with beyond-satisfactory solutions.

With a motto to empower the students at their core, Choice Solutions has set forth on a journey to introducing every known technology into the education sector of the coun try to bring India at par with the global literate giants. Holding on to that motto, edTheSIS dominates the market transforming every visionary school’s novice practices to firm and organized processes of teaching and learning.