DS Digital: Enriching Learning through a Century of Experiences

Vinay Sharma, Business Head

We as a country have done fairly well in improving our literacy rate from 12 percent to a generous 74 percent, according to the census 2011. Besides, in India, where mobile penetration is nearing a billion people with over 200 million connected to the internet, and this expected to reach 550 million by 2018, the potential to now digitally educate the masses seems very rich. Besides the core content, the work flow and administration of educational institutes have been equally transcended by technology. For over 75 years, one name in the education domain has witnessed the ups and downs of the sector, S. Chand Group. Based out of New Delhi, S. Chand Group is one of the oldest and largest publishing and education services enterprise, founded in 1939. The digital arm of this publishing house, DS Digital was founded to cater to the modern day learning requirements and developing technology based educational solutions that can empower both teachers and learners alike while redefining the domain of classroom management. DS Digital’s product range comprises of Digital Classrooms, Tablet Solution, Hands On Labs, Language Lab and Teacher Trainings.

" Backed by rich experience and expertise of S. Chand, DS Digital has gained the academic depth and technical know how to deliver top notch, student centric solutions"

Backed by rich experience and expertise of S.Chand, DS Digital has gained the academic depth and technical know how to deliver top notch, student centric solutions. DS Digital has always focused on creating products that enables Teaching Learning Process and drives successful student outcomes. Besides, DS Digital can be an effective partner of Corporates in their CSR initiatives of providing smart
classroom solutions, teachers training, experiential and personalized learning solution for students. The DS Digital products portfolio cater to all modes of learning like Destination Success for Digital Learning, Go English and Go Science for Experiential Learning, Intellitab & Mys tudygear for Personalized Learning and Intelliapp for student learning on devices. DS Digital is impacting the lives of 1 Million+ Students through its solutions.

Interactive Platforms for the Fun in Learning
DS Digital's flagship, Destination Success, is a touch enabled interactive educational solution to engage the entire classroom. It facilitates K-12 digital content which caters to the needs of students at every level enabling learning in the new age environment, through illustrated animations, audio, or experientially, through relatable examples. The product includes mapped curriculum, case-studies, BBC videos, interactive games, activities, work sheets, and practice & assessment sessions. It enables teachers to create lesson plans and assess students while they learn with formative assessments. Enabling to share ideas and concepts, the solution offers a unique feature called ‘Forum’. Destination Success’ exceptional pedagogical approach logically breaks up each lesson into the introduction, explanation, examples, practice and assessment sections and allows online test preparation, planning, scheduling, and tracking progress of individual students.

Intelliapp is a similar interactive learning platform designed to help students engage and explore curriculum mapped multimedia content at their own pace, anytime and any where. This plug and play learning device works offline, and is packaged with curriculum mapped digital con tent, educational videos, assessments, interactivities, tests & quizzes and analytics.

Overseas, DS Digital has been serving schools in Middle east for the past 7 years with Indian High School Dubai being their premiere client. In India, the company has secured the tender from Assam Government for the year 2017-2018, during which the government distributed 17,500 laptops with DS Content and LMS. With such staggering leaps to serve the education sector, DS Digital has no intention to slow down and has steered towards introducing greater mobility to enable anytime and anywhere learning.