Eupheus Learning: Turning a New leaf in Edu-Tech with an Active Knowledge Seeking

Sarvesh Shrivastava,Co-Founder & MD

For more than 100 years, the States had been nurturing and facilitating K-12 education in the classrooms roughly between 8 a.m.-3 p.m. With the advent of technology, that model has changed. Learning is now taking place outside of the time and physical boundaries of a typical school day. This instance, if applied to other education scenarios and places, will give us an idea of the behavioural shifts of academic stakeholders driving the digital transformation of traditional education. Understanding and positioning itself ahead of this behavioural shift is the New Delhi based curriculum and technology led learning solution company, Eupheus Learning. The company offers a single window, providing end-to- end, and differentiated learning solutions in the market along with customized solutions to suit varied demands, curated by experts.

Digital Proficient Education
The extensive measure of questionable information in the world indicates the seriousness of the responsibility to provide a well-researched and single medium of education.

Moreover, from home tutors to schools,students get varied digital content that only misguides them further. Eupheus Learning’s end-to-end solution not only integrates several methods of teaching a topic but also ensures that this method sticks from school to home. The solutions instil a reinforced and certain approach to digital contents that talk in the same line as in the textbooks. The company is taking great efforts to provide a vivid digital content, writing a new chapter in the EduTech segment.

Eupheus Learning curates each set of a solution as per the needs of each subject for students by either installing software/online/offline
digital app with relevant audio visual material or even print. Additionally, Eupheus Learning focuses on an overall learning that oversees the quality of teachers as well. Not undermining the importance of quality and well versed teachers, the company provides teacher training as well that fulfils the infrastructure gaps in schools.

"Eupheus Learning's end-to-end solution not only integrates several methods of teaching a topic but also ensures that this method sticks from school to home"

Future Engagement with EduTech
With over 1500 schools and close to 1 million students, Eupheus Learning is all set to dive deep into building a nation-wide momentum for digital education. The customized and intensive research-based learn- ing solutions will be well equipped to handle the eagerness,inquisitiveness, and curious minds of the children from Pre K-10 segment. On the plate, the company is ready to bring in interactive story books from Macedonia, Kinaesthetic Learning through interactive floor from Denmark, Language Learning from Finland and other such heritage rich places that will bring the best of each solution to students.

True to its name, Eupheus Learning aims to create digital education apps in the form of tabs and print, catering to all kinds of students in each school for an ear- nest knowledge seeking. The con- tinuous efforts of the company to provide connectivity in digital education are proving to become a harbinger in turning a new leaf in EduTech sector.