Studybase: The Marvels of Curated Information in the Education System

Anuj Ahuja, Director
High-quality early childhood education is a magic bullet to ensure that those participating will be destined to be successful in and out of school for the rest of their lives. The evidence is overwhelming and highlights the social and economic benefits of high-quality early childhood education that are both substantial and lasting. Here in, the measurement of quality of education and the restructuring of core infrastructure to support them become pre-eminent and a lot more suggestive for the benefit of not only the children who participate but also the society. Acknowledging these needs, several companies have mobilized themselves to promote solutions and products for education quality assessment and, thereby, build core infrastructure across the country. Pioneering these initiatives, Jaipur based education solution provider, Studybase, is redefining education infrastructure and education assessment with its offerings to teachers, students, parents, and institutions.

" Designed with an extensive research on the education ecosystem, Studybase adds value by measuring the quality of education"

While Indian education is a power to reckon with due to its sheer efficiency and global outreach, it still leaves ample room for a 'makeover'. Being too much theoretical have left little scope for creativity, thus making way for the modern-day education. Studybase enables the future generation to withstand the modern-day education needs with its solutions that are forged ahead with mobile applications. Studybase instils AI, ML, and IoT, in its mobile apps that are gradually building the core infrastructure needed to reconstruct the Indian education and more specifically, the early education. Although a technology company, Studybase focuses its core expertise
and technologies on the education side more. The company constantly strives to better its ‘education-focussed’ solutions to help the teachers. For instance, it provides personalized education to the students, inform parents about classroom activities and spin notes out of the class of what teachers taught during that week.

On the other hand, automation executes the education needs with real-time information gathered from sources. These curated information serves the education stakeholders to act, decide and manage the vast landscape of education. Security, for instance, is one such aspect of education’s core infrastructure needing updates and proper management. Locating the student outside the school premises becomes easier when reliable information regarding the vehicle location, driver’s whereabouts and other real-time details are provided to both institutions and the parents in a unified platform. Studybase makes security even more convenient allowing teachers to take records of attendance in their mobile apps and notifying parents at the same time.

Reconstructing Core Values of Education
Back in 2009, when the internet was still in its nascent stage, Studybase had built its pan India presence with its innovative, interactive, and easy-to-access desktop applications. Studybase is the next generation product running on Microsoft Azure. The product is specifically designed to allow any institution to get started to improve their management, performance and assess the quality of work delivered.

Designed with an extensive research on the education ecosystem, Studybase adds value by measuring the quality of education. The parents and the institutions get real-time and high-quality reports of day-to-day activities, and progress of students and teachers both, thus, saving time and cost of institutions. Studybase shortens the communication lines with its real-time data feeds and curated information that connects parents to schools keeping tab of their wards’ academic and security profiles, fee payments, timetables. Moreover, it also connects students to teachers for attendance, performance, doubt sessions, personalized teaching, teacher-student interaction, and timely guidance to name a few. With such spell bounding features, Studybase is all set to reconstruct the core infrastructure of education with its solutions and products.