Unicampus: Bringing the Stakeholders in the Education Industry Together with Powerful ERP Technology

CIO Vendor Seen as a global opportunity for innovation and entrepreneurship, education has positively evolved from the traditional domain to implementing technology that integrates various functions with ease. It is quite evident that technology intervention can be the game-changer for every educational institution that aims to drive innovation-based transformations in the system. Technology empowers educational institutions to manage their entire end-to-end functions, thus reducing costs, optimizing operations and resources.
However, choosing a right technology partner can be the actual difference maker when it comes to having successful use case across education’s segmental requirements. Education technology solution providers are not only expected to deliver high level of services but also quick knowledgeable responses to every issue.
Understanding every pain-point related to Education Industry and similarly providing solutions through a robust pro-active approach is Unicampus, a company based in Secunderabad. Unicampus offers ERP based software that enables and streamlines various processes starting from pre-admission of the students to alumni management by automating, controlling and improving all activities across different departments of an educational institution. Unicampus ERP transforms schools into smart schools, connecting students, teachers, and parents on a single platform.

Unicampus ERP is user-friendly, robust and easily scalable software, which links all the modules/activities through a centralized medium. Moreover, taking customer support as a critical business aspect for small/large enterprises, Unicampus provides round-the-clock, best support services.

“The ERP software is a web-based suite of applications with some of its sub systems being Administration Management, Student/Staff Information Management System, HR Management, Marketing Management, Academic Management, Student/Staff Attendance Management, Library Management, Inventory, Internal Assessment Management, online
dashboard and more,” highlights Srinivas Gyada, Director, Unicampus about the functions and features of their product.
Offering User friendly Fee Manage- ment Module to Collect and Pay Fees
As every Educational Institute has different fee structure for classes and students, Unicampus ERP provides schools with customized fee structures and different mode of payments. This fee management module allows the customization of fee structure based on unique needs with the ability to set

Unicampus ERP transforms schools into smart schools, connecting students, teachers, and parents on a single platform

discounts, add or edit fees, and collect penalties with ease. Not only does it improve management and allows transparency on the payments made, but the system will effectively track down any suspicious and fraudulent transactions in realtime. Moreover, the fee management solution can provide the school management with important reports such as daily collection, payments and dues, on their fingertips. While every report can be customized according to customer requirements, Unicampus also provides a user friendly payment gateway and UPI payment modes integration to collect fees online.

Ensuring Students Security during Commute
As child security is undoubtedly the most critical concern for schools and parents, Unicampus’ GPS bus tracking module helps to track and analyze the movement of the school bus in a real-time basis. Additionally, it also provides SMS communication to parents on a daily basis regarding the pickup and drop off points of their children. On the other hand, school management can track the speed of the bus and evaluate driver speed and skills to pro-actively remove accidental factors. Furthermore, Unicampus significantly reduces time and inefficiency for school bus management by ensuring transit time of kids from school to home and vice versa are short and precise by finding out the best routes.

“Aiming towards a global presence, we understand the importance of collaboration to deliver the best product. We are currently working with different partners including top banks, ISPs, system integrators and publication companies to further aid education space to drive value from technology,” concludes Srinivas.