AZVASA Education Services: Empowering the Teachers for Modern Pedagogy

CIO Vendor The K-12 educational landscape is undergoing a sea change from the conventional brick and mortar, chalk and talk model to the integration of technology into teaching through various platforms making the K-12 education more holistic and data-driven. This integrated learning how-ever has been the privilege of just a small bandwidth of schools, leaving the majority of schools still stuck in the conventional mode. The pandemic has brought forth the immediate necessity for migration from this conventional mode to the hybrid mode. Hybrid learning, a holistic platform offering a combination of online and offline learning, through blended methodology has become the need of the hour.

Moreover, it stands to reason that if educational methodologies are changing, teachers need to quickly adapt to this change too. To be specific, the teachers need to be better equipped to meet the 21st century needs of K-12 classrooms while simultaneously attending to an individual student’s needs. The school owners need a one-stop solution that meets all their requirements as opposed to depending on multiple vendors for different services which is an onerous task.

AZVASA Education Services, headquartered in Bengaluru, caters to the transforming K-12 educational needs with its AZVASA LMS that has been designed with a teacher-centric approach. The end-to-end solution empowers the teaching fraternity with assistance in lesson planning, resources for effective delivery, assessment, analysis, and self-training modules. “We have a holistic module for revision and assessment designed to assist the
teacher to understand the performance in detail of each student and provide the individual attention to move that student to the next level,” reveals Mr. Vasa Srinivasa Rao, a renowned Educationalist and CEO of AZVASA Education Services.

Offering a Myriad of Features and Benefits
The AZVASA LMS platform offers an array of academic solutions through its major components of the Teacher Training Module that assists in the upskilling of teachers as required by NEP 2020, the Study Module equipped with resources ranging from mind maps, lesson plans, presentations, videos, workbook and worksheets, the Revise Module, the Quiz and Assessments Module, and the Reports & Analysis Module. “AZVASA is one of the first Edu-tech companies in India to have pioneered a tech platform for schools in tandem with the NEP 2020 with an emphasis on building a comprehensive learning/teaching tool for schools with integration of knowledge, values, and life skills,” says Mr. Vasa.

Change schools as learning centers to make future moral pioneers

Established in 2016, AZVASA enjoys a considerable market presence with over 10000 students and a workforce of over 850 teachers in 10 plus locations across India. A few of the USPs the LMS offers are lesson plans made by the practicing teachers, teaching and evaluation aids pre-pared by educators which saves time, a user-friendly plat-form, quality & uniform content delivery across sections & branches, effective tracking of syllabus completion and student performance, and detailed micro-planning of content delivery. All this helps teachers in directing the saved time toward providing individual attention and providing Social and Emotional learning to students.

Thus, AZVASA LMS is a wonderful support to the teaching/learning fraternity while they all migrate to the nouveau educational system.